How to Create Video Marketing with a Video Ad Expert Tips Tutorial

A video marketing video ad is becoming a necessity in today’s society. A study by Cisco predicts 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video content in 2017. Large video streaming sites, such as YouTube, gain more than a billion different visitors monthly. This rise in video consumption is a perfect way for businesses to achieve a wider audience. Here are the steps to a successful video marketing video ad.

Studying Your Market

Research is fundamental to making a great video marketing video ad.

Before producing your video ad, you should have an understanding of your target audience, competitors, analysis gap and significant keywords. Having collected this information, create a video that promotes conversation, user engagement and awareness in the search engine results page rank of your site (SERPS). The rich content of these streaming videos will provide higher traffic in your website.

Get to the Point

Make sure your video marketing video ad gets the information through to the audience in a short amount of time.

ComScore’s statics indicates that on average, internet users watch 22 hours of video monthly. This number diminishes in value when it is taken into account that most of these videos are only one to five minutes long. The need to get the message out quickly is further shown by the results of Visible Measure’s research, indicating that video ads have only 10 seconds to attract the attention of their viewers. Sixty percent (60%) of viewers stop watching a video by the two-minute mark, regardless of the video’s format. A study carried out by the Jun Group reveals that shorter videos (less than 15 seconds) are shared 37% more often than videos that are more than 30 seconds in length.

The Benefits of Your Product

Approaches that tend to focus on the company’s founder or history forget the interests of the audience.
Consumers do not have an interest in where the product is coming from, rather they seek the benefits and features of a product. What are these people gaining? How will your product make their life easier? For instance, if you were running a gold savings company, talk about the stability of the value of gold and the security in owning it, as opposed to talking about the history of gold mining, or when the founder first got the idea.

We Need You

In your message, give your audience a call to action such as, “Call our number today,” “Follow us on Facebook/Twitter,” “Sign up today” or “Click this link now.” Some viewers may accept your “call to action” and become a loyal customer due to this challenge in your video marketing video ad.

Twenty-two percent of the websites mentioned in video marketing ads are visited by users, as shown in a Digital Sherpa study. Of that 22%, the advertised product is purchased at 12%, creating a significant increase in sales and profits.

Produce Professionally

Views are deterred by low quality video production. A professionally produced video ad can yield 30% more views then a user-generated video, according to ComScore.

The number of sales conversions are also effected by the video production quality. Those with professionally produced ads receive an approximate 24.7% increase in sales, while low quality ads only produce a sales increase of 18.7%. This is due to the fact that the production of corporate videos require more than simply a camera pointed at a subject. Factors such as the proper lighting, composition, and proper equipment usage is required to create a successful video marketing video ad.

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