American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.

Paid Advertising Pay Per Click PPC Affiliate Programs Tips

Pay per click PPC paid advertising is an advertising and marketing promotional strategy which uses written advertisements with keyword phrases.


The keyword phases are popular search terms that many people use type into a search engine, like Google, when they are trying to find a service or product.

Many businesses today, both large and small, utilizes multiple channels of marketing, advertising and promotions which typically include search engine optimization (SEO) on online ads in the form of paid advertising. Unless the prospect clicks on the ad, there is no cost to the advertiser. There are many companies who offer pay per click (PPC) advertising, however the elephant in the room is Google AdWords.

Optimizing Search Marketing Campaigns

Although a relatively simple concept, the specifics of search engine marketing can become seem complex.

The keyword phrases that people are most likely to use when searching for things on the internet are usually used by websites engaged in SEO optimization. In theory, the search engines match the keyword phrases you input with the most relevant sites, however there are millions of people online attempting to sell things all at once. The majority of people look only at the first few sites on the search-return lists provided by companies such as Google or Bing.

Search engine marketing is the attempt to make your business, product or service rank higher in the search engine results. Although ranking first for a search term is extremely difficult, advertising allows your business to still be seen on the first page of search results. Paid advertising ads are sold by search engines and displayed beside generic search returns. With a Pay Per Click or PPC ad, the advertiser is changed only if someone clicks on the ad. This is a huge benefit because:

You can acquire qualified leads at a quick pace and build momentum for your pay per click campaign much faster

Traffic to your website may increase as a result of any generic search term

You can control how much you spend and budget by limiting the amount of clicks per day, week, or month

Without spending a lot of time or money to optimize a website, you can quickly test the interest for a new product or service easily with pay per click (PPC)

You can formulate the best marketing strategy by testing different copy in an ad and tracking its conversion rates

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising Types

There are several paid promotion types including search-based, location-based, content-based, and demographic-based campaigns.

Search Campaign: The basis of search campaigns are the products and services being sold by you. Your ad uses keywords that are related to your product or service that may include details, such as menu options for restaurants, a building services for contractors or art supplies for retailers.

Local Campaigns: As the name suggests, these local campaign paid advertising ads target local customers, such as those from a selected neighborhood, city or region. You may select targeted areas, and when individuals from the selected areas search for anything on the internet, your ad with be seen.

Content Campaign: A content campaign can be successful for companies that target a particular attitude or issue, such as a dermatologist who advertises adjacent to an article about how to care for acne, or an environmentally-friendly article that may have an organic foods company advertising next to it. Social media websites, like Facebook, are a great launching pad for a successful content campaigns because those sites often seek like-minded attitudes on various subjects.

Demographic Campaign: A demographic campaign promotion allows you to seek out particular genders, age ranges, or other demographic targeting criteria, like social networks, marital status, and income.

Creating Clickable and Persuasive Copy

Creating advertising geared toward your target audience is key to any paid advertising campaign. Unless you offer a vast array of products or services, you should never gear your ads towards a general audience.

With a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign, you must pay for every click on your ad, so you do not want people clicking on your ad that will actually not be interested.

Your ad should also clearly demonstrate and it’s an exact match for whatever a person was searching for when they enter their keyword search terms. Below is a list of amazing techniques for awesome pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Choose a Sustainable and Realistic Budget

If you’re not paying attention, especially with Google Adwords, it is very easy to go over your budget. Make sure that you are actively monitoring your paid advertising campaign.

Make Long-Tail Keywords Accurate

Using broad keyword terms in your ad can reduce your sales conversion rates which would render your paid advertising campaign ineffective. Use detailed keyword phrases, such as “studded leather motorcycle jackets,” to narrow down the search results to only people who are interested in what you are advertising.

Make Your Copy Grammatically Correct and Persuasive

Check your copy several times over for proper grammar and spelling, and to insure that it uses appropriate language for your target audience.

Be Certain Your Product Generates Sufficient Revenue

Make sure that you are actually still making money, after paid advertising costs, for your product or service. If there is a negative net value between sales and advertising, you might be losing money advertising low-profit and/or inexpensive products and services.

Go after Underserved Niche Markets

Search engine analytics tools, like Google Keyword Planner, allow you to determine the frequency and average number of searches for a specific keyword or search term. If there is too much competition for a keyword, consider marketing to a less competitive niche.

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising and The Integration of Mobile Phones

Price per call is another type of specialized paid advertising in the field of local marketing which has become increasingly popular.

People use their Android or iPhones to do everything from making theater and dinner reservations to finding local goods and services. This variation of pay per click (PPC) advertising is based on the number of phone calls made be customers from an ad instead of the number of clicks on an ad.

The competition of local, regional, national and global competitors is intense. It’s very difficult to rank in first position in a list of search engine results, however with pay per click advertising your ad still has the opportunity to be seen on the first page of search engine results, even in the first position, where it might not yet be possible for you to achieve this only with search engine optimization (SEO) from your website. The use of multiple distribution channels, such as retail sales, websites, emails, newsletters, social media networks, SEO strategy, authoritative links, online referrals, and pay per click PPC campaigns are important marketing tools in today’s marketing and advertising landscape.

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American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.