American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.

Awesome Email Marketing Campaign Tips and Tricks Revealed

Email marketing through an email campaign is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing.


According to The Radicati Group, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts registered today. Within those Four-Point-Three billion accounts, Ninety-Five percent are active, and Ninety-One percent of those email account users regularly check their email account at least once per day. However, email messages are not the be all to end all; as many as Eighteen percent of email messages get blocked, while Four percent of email messages get rerouted to a junk mail folder.

As a result, Seventy-Eight percent of email messages get successfully delivered to the email account holder’s inbox. If you have considered creating an email campaign to promote your product or business, following the correct set-up procedures is imperative in order to yield awesome results.

Why You Should Set up an Email Marketing Campaign

Presenting a new product or service, promotional discounts and sales, and promoting your brand’s name are some of the most common reasons for setting up an email campaign.

Web Campaign Comparison: Email Marketing vs Social Network Campaigns

The life of an email causes email campaigns to be far more effective than social network campaigns.

An email marketing message when received, remains in the user’s email account until the user reads and deletes the email message. In contrast, a Facebook timeline post has a short shelf-life. It is only visible for about two and a half hours. If your targeted customer does not check their Facebook account during that timeframe, they will not get the opportunity to even view your post. The life span of a Tweet on Twitter is even shorter. The nature of Twitter is so fast-paced, that a user only has a matter of minutes to view a Tweet before it is pushed very far down the feed scroll.

Finding Potential Customers

The amount of people you are able to reach deeply effects the success rate of your email campaign.

Creating a place on your website for a customer to register for a newsletter or email list is an excellent way to build your email list of clients. Offering specials and discounts is another enticing way to get customers to sign up for your email list. You may also purchase lists from third parties. However, although some of this list may be inexpensive, research the company selling the list, thoroughly, to ensure that you are get verified targeted leads that are CAN-SPAM compliant and not a general SPAM list with bad email addresses.

Choosing a Type of Email Marketing

There are two primary types of email marketing campaigns, both with different benefits:

Promotions: Promotional email campaigns are used to inform customers of deals and special offers specifically for those who receive the email. There may be a coupon or discount code in the email that the customer may use during the checkout process of their next purchase. These emails are also useful when informing customers when their items go on sale.

Newsletters: More frequent than promotional emails, newsletters advise customers about general news, such as new products, offers and company news.

Design of Your Email Marketing Email

Take into consideration which type of email you are sending when you design it.

The standard email style is simplest. A very straightforward design is the easiest to create. Hyper Text Makeup Language (HTML) may be used for a flashier campaign. Go for bold, easy to read styles. If you’re not great with design, you can use programs or templates that can still give your campaign an eye-catching look.

Grab Your Customer’s Attention

You must immediately grab your customer’s attention at the very beginning of your email campaign.

Utilize a good “hook” to keep your customers captivated. A great hook is more likely to entice a customer to read an email in its entirety.

Offer an Exit

Allowing a customer to unsubscribe to your company’s email list is an excellent idea and a legal requirement.

No one wants an inbox full of emails about products and services for which they have no interest. A guaranteed turnoff is flooding a prospective customer’s inbox with dozens of emails, daily ad nauseam. This is a sure fire way to guarantee you will not make any sales. In addition, irresponsible behavior like this generates bad reviews for your brand and lowers future consumer confidence.

Spam Folder Prevention

Most email account holders are already using a junk or bulk mail filter.

Your email marketing campaign will likely never be seen if it ends up in their spam folder. Spam filters are triggered when an email has a high number of recipients. To avoid ending up in the spam folder, divide your email campaign up into multiple small batches. Although this method is time consuming, it will maximize the amount of emails that will not be labeled as spam.

A lot of companies are find much success with awesome email campaigns. If you have a solid email list and a catchy email with a great hook, your chances for success greatly increase.

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American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.