American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.

What is Affiliate Marketing Expert Tips and Tricks Revealed

Working from home, generating a passive income from an affiliate program or affiliate marketing is a goal to which many aspire, but few attain.


If you are surrounded by friends, family or coworkers who lack vision and have already accepted and settled for their lot in life, you might have your doubts, or may have been discouraged. However, a dream is only a goal without a plan or a deadline. With affiliate marketing online, you really can take control of your life, design your lifestyle and create your own reality on your own terms.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is being paid to promote someone else’s product or service on your website ore blog. You never sell anything directly, instead you earn a commission for each customer, referral or sale you bring in.

What is Affiliate Marketing Expert Tips

Why It’s Such a Good Deal

Affiliate marketing produces a win-win situation for both the company and the marketer.

Through affiliate marketing, companies can reach a wider audience than they could on their own. If have already made a name for yourself, such as through blogging, on a given subject, customers are much more likely to make a purchase based upon your recommendation.

Here are some of the major benefits of joining an affiliate program or affiliate network:

Low Up-front Costs: It can cost little to nothing to join and affiliate program if you already have a website or blog. The company you are partnering with will provide you with all the necessary promotional materials which allows you to avoid the up-front costs of a traditional business startup.

Earing Without the Hassle: You can be your own boss, work from home and set your own schedule. The pace at which you work can set the pace at which you earn money. With freedom and flexibility, you’re no longer bound by the daily grind of a 9-to-5.

Expert Knowledge Not Required: Personal expert knowledge of a product is not always a requirement. For example, you don’t need to possess a Cosmetology degree in order to promote an anti-aging cream. As long as you possess excellent marketing skills and are eager to learn, you can still be effective at generating leads and sales conversions.

Gain Passive Income: Affiliate marketing does not need to be your full-time job or primary source of income. It’s an amazing option to supplement your income. Once your blog or website takes off, it’s possible to earn with ease.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Begin by surfing the web for an affiliate program related to the niche of your existing blog, website or are of interest. After weeding down the list to a couple affiliate programs that look promising, sign up and get your own unique affiliate ID.

After joining the affiliate program, simply place a link, banner or ad onto your web site and let the money come to you. For each click and sale from the ‘parent’ site, you will earn a commission. It’s as simple as that.

What is Affiliate Marketing Expert Tips

How Do I Locate an Affiliate Program?

There are three major ways to find an affiliate program.

  1. Affiliate Marketplaces: Websites such as Commission Junction and Clickbank provide hundreds of products that span nearly every niche imaginable. Although not all of them are worth your time, you might find a few that show promise.
  2. Official Websites: Check the website of a specific product or service that you think would be a great option. Many times, if you check the bottom of the page, you may discover that they offer an official affiliate marketing Look for phrases like, ‘Become a partner,’ ‘Join affiliate program’ or something along those lines in the footer.
  3. Ecommerce Sites: Big eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes all possess their own affiliate programs. You may sign up with them, promote their items and earn a commission for each sale you convert.

How Do I Select an Affiliate Program

Most people tend to focus upon them most popular affiliate programs generating the most revenue without regard to the subject matter of their website or blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing Expert Tips

While the purpose of joining an affiliate program is to generate revenue, your audience must be first and foremost.

If you already an owner of a website or blog with an established presence, ask yourself these questions:

  • What interests does my audience have?
  • What products or services pertain to the niche in which I am already established?
  • What problem will be solved for the consumer buy purchasing a specific product or service?
  • What products or services do I have experience with that I can recommend?

For example, let’s say you discovered an amazing affiliate program that pays a high commission for selling a weight loss product. However, there’s one major stumbling block – your blog focuses on deep sea wildlife. The people who visit your site are not there for weight loss tips. It’s going to be very difficult to get that audience to focus on purchasing a weight loss pill when they are reading your blog to learn about deep sea wildlife. Choose products that are related to your niche and not just the productions with the highest commissions.


How Many Different Products Should I Sell

“As many as you desire” if we were looking at it that simply. There are no concrete numbers and in some cases, limiting yourself can be detrimental. You can sign up for as many affiliate programs as you like and put their affiliate links on your website, but be weary of creating clutter on the page. In other cases, joining too many programs can dilute your message and distract customers for programs that would pay you a higher commission.

If you’re asking yourself how much money can you make from affiliate marketing, keep in mind that an affiliate program is not a get rich quick type of scheme, and contrary to popular belief, you must in fact work extremely hard and put in the time necessary to excel.

Affiliate marketing does have unlimited potential, but it is directly dependent on the individual and their efforts. Your marketing skills, dedication to the promotion of the product or service, and the amount of traffic on your website are all key factors for success. If you can conquer all of these areas, it is possible to make the dream come true of making money while you sleep.

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American Bullion Affiliate Marketing Program

American Bullion is the Best Affiliate Program

A trusted market leader in assisting consumers with diversifying retirement accounts with precious metals, American Bullion affiliate program is high paying.